Power Over Child Sex Trafficking with Gloria Masters

Gloria Masters:

Founder at  Handing the Shame Back

Gloria survived being sex trafficked by her own family in Auckland, New Zealand and overcame horrific abuse in the 60’s and 70’s. We talk through her experience of being attacked and DARVO-ed by her family. She has worked through her trauma through therapy and now her life’s work is to help other survivors through her foundation, Handing the Shame Back. Survivor, Author and Advocate of all things CSA, Gloria speaks from 16 years of lived experience. She has managed to turn the final corner of healing into giving back, through highlighting the issue of child sexual abuse to bring attention to this silent endemic. Gloria has written two books,  On Angels Wings – My flight from trauma to grace  and  Flightpath to Healing – A Guide for Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivors . During this podcast we highlight what it was like to write her books, how she launched her podcast Handing the Shame Back where she interviews survivors and their supporters. Today she has found healing through talking others, writing and exercise.

Facebook: Author. Speaker. Advocate For Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse




Books: Flight Path to Healing, A Guide for Child Sexual Abuse

On Angels Wings: My Flight from Trauma to Grace