Jo Lauren – Healing the Unthinkable: The Power of Overcoming Incest Trauma

Josephine A. Lauren is a writer, activist, and the Community Organizer of Incest AWARE. They offer offer writing workshops, as well as trainings. During our conversation, we explore the incest that occurred in Josephine’s family and challenges reporting the sexual assault as well as her attempts to dismantle the harm that took place. We explore how incest has been left out of the conversation surrounding the #metoo movement as well as government and business institutions. Josephine touches on the healing she has done in the neurological, physiological, psychological, and spiritual capacities. She started blogging about her experience and slowly began publishing on major platforms like Ms. And Elite Daily. We chat about personal narrative and the micro/macro of writing memoir. She has been at work on a memoir and during the podcast they talk about writing through trauma and the bodies response. Josephine has been published in Just Femme and Dandy, America, Brave Miss World, Ms., and Survivor Lit. She has been a guest on the Brave and Unbroken, Feelings Friday Radio Show, Beyond The Vision, Leading People First, Releasing Trauma: A Survivors Podcast, The Trauma Therapist, and Together We Thrive podcasts.

Discussed on the podcast:

IncestAware –

The Courage to Heal by Laura Davis –

Sexual Assault Advocacy Network, S A A N. –

Lead From the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change by Stacey Abrams –

The Familia Grande by Camille Kouchner –

Connection with Josephine: