Winnie Li – Breaking the Silence: How Fiction Empowers Survivors to Reclaim Their Stories of Resilience.

Winnie M Lee is an author and activist who has worked in the creative industries over three continents. She is Taiwanese-American and raised in New Jersey. Lee studied folklore and mythology at Harvard and later Irish literature as a George Mitchell scholar. Her debut novel, Dark Chapter, a fictional retelling of her real-life stranger rape in Belfast. It’s written from both victim and perpetrator perspectives. Her second novel, Complicit came out in summer 2022 and the paperback version will be released on June 20, 2023. We discussed the impact that her own violent sexual assault in Belfast when she was in her late 20’s had on her as well as the ways that writing Dark Chapter helped her move beyond the experience. We chatted about the way that her assault worked its way through the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland, experience fictionalizing her perpetrators life and testimony in court. Winnie will be on a northeastern US book tour for Complicit from June 20-20, 2023.

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